The scale of my makeup collection both terrifies me and fills me with joy in equal parts (although probably 51% joy as the horror flies out the window when I find something new and shiny). I recently had a big clear out of all the makeup products that I didn’t use and really didn’t plan on using, which definitely make me feel more sane. However my collection was still overwhelming.

This is why I’ve decided to undertake the 2017 Project Pan project! Project Pan is the idea where deliberately try to use up certain products in your stash or hit pan. Knowing you’re getting your moneys worth when you see the first glimpse of metal under a powder product is seriously satisfying. (Stalk the various #projectpan #hitpan #useitup hashtags on Instagram and you’ll get the feeling).

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: 2017 Project Pan

So this year I’ve selected over 50 products that I want to finish by the end of the year. Some of these are things that I’m not that keen on and just want to use up, others are things that I LOVE and want to use more, some are things that I’ve completely forgotten about, and some are duplicates. The beauty (haha) of this project is that there aren’t any rules – you can do it however you like. I think one of the important things to remember however, is that if you aren’t enjoying the product, don’t force yourself to use it. Just chuck it!

Anyway, onto the products I’ve included in my 2017 Project Pan!

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: 2017 Project Pan


MAC Fix+ is such a wonderful, multi-use product! I love it for setting my foundation and makeup, intensifying eyeshadows, and blending creams. You can see I only have a bit left and I’ve managed to break the lid too.

I have an insane amount of primers – most of which I think are samples – so I’m trying to use up the oldest and largest first. Technically, the b collection by Bloom Prep and Prime primer expired in 2013… but I haven’t had any adverse effects from using it!

The little pot of Maybelline Dream Smooth Face Primer is actually full size. It’s strangely small but I think that’s to do with the potency of the product. It feels very silicone-y and the tiniest bit will cover your whole face. It concerns me what this might be doing to my pores so I’m using it up ASAP.

I have a couple of Too Faced samples: Primed & Powerless Pure (face) and Shadow Insurance (eyes). I haven’t tried Primed & Poreless yet so I’m interested to give it a go. Shadow Insurance I have in a full size tube (in the champagne shade), so I want to use this one up.

The NARS Smudge Proof Shadow Base is so good. I used it for ages and then completely stopped. I have no idea how much is left in here, but it can’t be much!

I have so much hand cream it’s insane. I also have so many hand creams from Mecca Cosmetica (like this Transforming Hand Cream) that it is even more insane. Good thing I freaking love them! Just keeping it in this collection as a reminder to use it up.

The Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner is rubbish. The original formula was amazing for quickly cleaning your brushes when switching colours. However they totally changed it and this new one leaves a really oily film on the bristles. Not ideal to put back into a powder product!

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: 2017 Project Pan


In exciting news, between taking these photos and writing this post, I’ve already used up the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation in BR12! I used to love this foundation but since I discovered my HG (Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation), I’ve realised how wrong the colour is. In case you’re wondering I’m now onto my Too Faced Born This Way foundation in Snow which I mix with…

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops. Really great product! There’s a Lightening one that I’m using, and also a Darkening one. I’m using this up as I’ve found the perfect shade in C. Tilbs, so I have no need for them now!

Both the Stila Cover Up Stick (discontinued) and Revlon PhotoReady concealers are just really old. In the photo I’ve wound them right up, so what you can see is the full amount of product left.

I have two Maybelline concealers, the Fit Me in 15 and the Dream Lumi Touch in 1. I have quite a few of Fit Me concealers so I’m making my way through that stash, and the other is one of the oldest concealers I own so that’s on the hit list.

One of my favourite discoveries of 2016 was the NYX Dark Circle Concealer in Light. It’s a brilliant, highly-pigmented concealer/corrector that does wonders for my under eyes. I’ve been using it daily for 6 months now and I still haven’t hit pan!

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: 2017 Project Pan


This MAC Mineralize Skinfinish just won’t leave me. It’s one of the first pieces of my own makeup. I was on holiday with my mum in London and we popped into Selfridges to the MAC counter. Of course, the foundation (long gone) and this powder were completely the wrong shades. You can see how little of the powder is left!

I have two of the Maybelline Fit Me Powders in the same shade (115), so I’m planning to use up one. I’ve never really put it to the test, so it’ll be interesting to see how I get on with it!

The Rimmel Stay Matte translucent powder is a classic favourite of everyones. I’m not totally convinced how translucent translucent is, but I’ll report back once I’ve figured it out!

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: 2017 Project Pan


This Dior blush is sooo close to being empty. I talked about it in my favourite extinct blushes, so it’ll be sad when it’s finally gone and I can no longer purchase it! It’s the closest to empty blush I have so I think it’s a good place to start cutting down my collection.

On the other hand, the stila all you need is love cheek palette (discontinued) is the oldest and least used blush! It’s so pretty and each of the shades has a different finish to it. I hope I can get a lot of use out of it this year!

The Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Golden Mosaic is very well loved. It’s a great bronze shade for me as it’s not dark and it’s not orange! I’ve been using it on and off a lot for a while, so I’m dedicating some time to it this year.

Then I plan to move onto the Clinique True Bronze Pressed Bronzer. I have two of these little sample sizes so I want to get through one of them.

I have so many samples/full size versions of the Benefit high beam. I really struggle to use this liquid product over the rest of my powder makeup but I’m determined to make it work this year as it’s such a lovely colour.

Soap & Glory’s Glow All Out is a beautiful pink highlight. I’m very dedicated to my favourite highlights and this one just falls outside the top 3.

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: 2017 Project Pan


We have to start with this Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Sparkling Satins (discontinued). It is literally the bane of my makeup collection. It makes me rage whenever I think about it. Every time I see it, I grimace. If you ask me what my least favourite product I own is, it’s this. For such a high-end and expensive product, the quality is extremely poor. It’s basically just shimmer. Very little difference between the colours (even the black is so weak). Enough venting, more using.

The MUA Undress Me Too palette is so good (that Wink shade is my favourite)! I’ve used it so much already, but it turns out it’s a seriously good dupe for the UD Naked 1 palette. I only recently bought the Naked palette so I thought it would be best to use this older palette first.

I remember buying this Sephora Mystic Shadow in Extremely Neutral (discontinued) on that same trip in Rome. I have a bunch of these (and some ironically similar Victoria’s Secret ones) but this shade in particular is a lovely colour.

The only thing really missing from the eyeshadow lineup was a good crease/transition shade. So I grabbed this cute stumpy pot of essence Tribal Summer pigment in Inti Inka.

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: 2017 Project Pan


Thanks to all the Clinique gift-with-purchases I’ve had over the years, I have a ridiculous amount of High Impact mascaras. So I’ve made it my mission to use up this full size version (I’m sure that makes sense somehow).

Maybelline do some wicked mascaras, the latest edition to my collection is the Lash Sensational which I’m enjoying using.

I have a little sample size Chantecaille Faux Cils mascara that I really want to test out!

The Smashbox Full Exposure mascara comes second only to my lifelong favourite, Too Faced Better Than Sex. It’s very similar but I think this seperates the lashes more. I’ve been using it for ages and it still hasn’t run out yet!

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: 2017 Project Pan


Eyeko’s Skinny Liquid Liner is pretty good! Had it for a while so I want to make the most of it before it dries up. It’s a similar story for the Soap & Glory Supercat liner. I have so many good liquid liners but I feel like I’m never going to get through them before they all die on me!

I’ve had this Clarins liner for what feels like 30 years (I’m not even that old). Not entirely sure how I’m going to go with this one – I think it’s on it’s last legs.

For black eyeliner pencils I have two favourites: Tarte skinny smoulderEYES in Onyx and a mini Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero. I have a ridiculous amount of black pencils so, because I’m never going to finish them all in my lifetime, I’m starting at the top and working my way down.

I’ve added a coloured liner to the mix! I really love stila’s smudge sticks. I have a whole handful of them in all kinds of colours, but I have two in the shade Starfish so I’m planning to use one up.

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: 2017 Project Pan


I think brow products are the category that I burn through the fastest so I’m certain I’m going to use these up very soon this year. The first is the Maybelline Brow Satin in Dark Blonde which is the wrong colour for me but I’ve already used up the right colour version (Medium Brown).

I have an Ardell pencil that is supposed to be in Blonde however, it’s identical to the Brown one I just finished up. Not my favourite of pencils but a good colour.

Maybelline’s Brow Drama is one of my most reliable products. I’ve used the coloured gels in the past, and now I’m onto the transparent version.

Another gel is the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper in Transparent. Not sure about the plumping part but it has a great brush!

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: 2017 Project Pan


So many products. Starting with the one lip liner I’ve selected – Too Faced Borderline. This is such a great idea. It’s a transparent lipliner to coordinate with any of your lipsticks!

The Topshop lipstick in Innocent has always been a little NQR on me. It’s a bit paler than my lips, and than I’d like it to be. Still a nice lipstick though.

This Dior Addict lipstick in Rose Movie (discontinued) is on it’s last legs. Beautiful shimmery purple shade, and I’ve nearly used the whole thing!

I have a mini size of the Tarte energy crayon that adjusts it’s colour to suit the PH level of your lips. Always a fun product and feels nice and nourishing too.

Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker in Bashful (I think this is discontinued!) is such an easy glossy colour to wear. I just need to get more use out of it!

I’m really not much of a lip gloss person. But I have quite a lot so I’m making the effort this year to use them. I’m starting with Laura Mercier’s Lip Glacé in Pink Prep, and then moving onto a mini sized Benefit Sugarbomb.

Do you remember how awesome Rimmel Apocalips were?! I loved them! I have so many colours but I’ve completely forgotten about them. Like everyone, I’m really enjoying liquid lipsticks at the moment so I’ve pulled out Apocaliptic and Big Bang to use as my main pink and red.

I’d also forgotten about how much I like the YSL lip stain! It was hidden at the back of my lipstick draw and I’m so pleased to pull it out again.

I bought the Bite Beauty Butter Cream lipstick in Rosewood in America and it’s so lovely and creamy. One of my favourite lipsticks so I’m enjoying using it!

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: 2017 Project Pan

Perfume & Nail Polish

Roses de Chloe perfume is an amazing scent, however the bottle is silver plated and tarnishes constantly. It also happens to my most empty fragrance so it’s the first to go!

You may recognise that my all time favourite nail polish – Ciate Regatta – is in here! This is only because I have four bottles ;).

It seems crazy to actually use up so much stuff but I’m determined to give it a go! I have everything sitting in a pink tray right on top of my makeup table so that I see everything I should be using whenever I sit down.

I’ll definitely keep you up to date with how I go, and write a concluding post at the end of the year!