Bunnies in Blazers: Birthday Dinner Party Table Setting

On Saturday night I celebrated my 20th birthday with my nearest and dearest friends! I put so much effort into the preparation (sewing, cooking, shopping, pom pom making) which I’m pleased to report definitely paid off.


Decorating the table was definitely my favourite part of the process. If you follow me on Instagram (@bunniesinblazers) you’ll have seen the lovely bright fabrics that I bought to make a table cloth, place mats, and table runner. The fluffy balls of tissue took hours to make! They look so effective and cost very very little. Like most things at my dinner party, the idea came from Pinterest and you can learn how to make them here. The flowers are Sweet William which I just picked up from the local fruit and veg – you don’t need to buy anything fancy, you can make it look fancy at home! The cute cups are from Peters of Kensington, I chose the fabric especially to match.

Bunnies in Blazers: Sweet William Flowers Birthday DinnerBunnies in Blazers: Table Setting Decor Birthday Dinner


Since I was more interested in decorations than food I decided the food should match the table so I made everything cute and fun! Mini burgers, mini nachos, mini chicken salad… But dessert went to a whole new level of fun. I found these fantastic piñata cookies but obviously they had to be bunnies not donkeys. Another great Pinterest find was these brownies disguised as ice creams. They are very easy for anyone to make: shove stick in brownie, cover in melted chocolate, sprinkle on sprinkles! I also managed to pick up some Pixie Sticks when I was passing an American foods store one day. I can’t remember the last time I had them!

Bunnies in Blazers: Cute Food Hamburgers Birthday Dinner PartyBunnies in Blazers: Bunny Piñata Cookies Birthday Dinner DessertBunnies in Blazers: Ice Cream Brownies Birthday Dinner DessertBunnies in Blazers: Pixie Sticks Birthday Dinner Party

For all the inspiration, ideas, recipes (and more!) behind my birthday dinner party, check out my dessert, savoury, and decor boards on Pinterest!

Bunnies in Blazers: Charlotte Hartwell Birthday Dinner

It was a lovely night with my friends especially so as JDG even wore a bow tie for me! A big thanks goes to JRD who took these great photos for me!

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  • Did you have jelly?

    • Hi Steve! Jelly was originally in my plan of 15 desserts but unfortunately it didn’t make the final cut.