Bunnies in Blazers: Christmas Wish List

With just a few days to go I thought I’d let you all know what I’m hoping Father Christmas will bring me this year! I’ve been so busy decorating, baking, wrapping, and menu planning, I’m going to be exhausted by the time Christmas Day comes around.

1. Kate Spade Lip Crayon Set – This is so adorable! I’ve loved it ever since it came out, not that I can get it here in Australia, argh.

2. Gold chevron cushion – I’m becoming more obsessed with gold and now add that to my already strong obsession with chevron and I have to have it!

3. Canon EOS 60D – Ever since my boyfriend got one for his birthday I’ve wanted one for myself. Our dates seem to revolve around me getting him to bring his camera so I can use it or asking him to take photos for me… It’s beginning to be problem so to fix it i should get one myself (that’s logical, right?).

4. Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter – Some how Martha Stewart just makes glitter even more appealing. I mean I don’t need much convincing to want glitter in the first place (hello, it sparkles!) but these colours and collections and popularity make me want this glitter even more!

5. Gold geometric lamp – I was all set to buy two of these lamps as soon as I laid eyes on them. Then I realised how expensive international postage would be… And then that they’d have American plugs… My lamps and I remain unrequited but only until I find an Australian look-a-like!

6. Topshop Lipstick – I’ve been coveting a lipstick from Topshop for what seems like forever! I’ve heard such amazing things about them and how people love them all over the world.

7. Urban Decay Naked Palette – An even more famous and loved makeup item! It’s a fabulous idea to have 12 different neutral colours in the one palette – it’s so versatile! Now that the second version has been released I think I should start with the first one.

8. OPI The Man With the Golden Gun with 18k Gold Leaf Topcoat – $50 is an outrageous amount to spend on a nail polish but it’s real gold! How can I resist! It is just a topcoat so a little should go a long way… I hope.

What are you wishing for this Christmas?


  • The Naked palette is definitely worth it. I love mine!

    • Argh you have it!? I’m so jealous it looks so versatile! Do you use it regularly?

      • Yeah, I’ve had it for just over a year and have used it pretty much every day!