Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Ciate Colourfoil Manicure

My love for Ciate is no secret! I particularly love their amazing manicure sets which you’d know from this very big haul photo I posted on my Instagram. Currently, the Very Colourfoil Manicure is definitely my favourite!

It reminds me so much of craft sets I had when I was little where you’d stick foil to pictures or glue – and this pretty much works in the same way! Basically you just paint your two coats of nail polish as usual and then dab on this little pot of glue. After the glue has become tacky (a bit like eyelash glue) you press on the foil. That’s it! You just repeat it with all kinds of colours to create a kaleidoscopic pattern!

I would suggest choosing your top coat carefully – I used a speed-dry one and it made the foil crackle a bit but it still looks really cool as it now resembles Easter eggs! Make sure you apply the topcoat quickly in as few strokes as possible as I found that some of the colours ran slightly.