Bunnies in Blazers: Filofax

I’m so proud! I’ve finally printed my own diary so now I can really start using my Filofax! I’ve had my personal sized Finsbury for a while now but due to uni, exams, assignments, a terrible printer, and a remembering to do it, I just haven’t had the opportunity to design and make my diary refills. I just don’t like the Filofax one’s – I much prefer bright white paper and pretty ink colours!

So this is what I came up with! I really need a day on two pages as, with the narrow personal size, there was no way I could fit all that on one page. The first page is for appointments and things that are happening at fixed times like TAFE which I’m starting on Tuesday (obviously university just isn’t enough for me). The second page is divided into three sections:

  1. Diary – for things that happen throughout the day for example I ate a really great sandwich or Giant parcel arrived with three pairs of gumboots (still waiting on that one).
  2. Bunnies in Blazers – to note what I’ve posted about, when competitions end, and jewellery I’m making.
  3. Uni – what’s due, what to work on, assignment information, free food days – usual uni life.

Bunnies in Blazers: Filofax

Something that I’ve found standard diaries are missing is a week overview. I really like seeing what’s happening a week in advance and to get a big picture of the week ahead. So I made week-on-two-pages refills to go in-between the day-on-two-pages refills. I’m using this in a similar way that you might use a calendar: just writing down the name of the event, no details. You can see some exciting things are happening next week! Hair appointment, starting TAFE four days after uni exams end (ugh) and moving house!

Bunnies in Blazers: Filofax

Because I like things to be pretty and colour-coordinated I’ve made each month a different colour! June is blue and July is pink (my favourite colour definitely had to be for the month of my birthday).

I’m super pleased with how these turned out on my brand new laser printer. I only printed out refills till the end of July so I can test how I like this format. Now I just need to make some month refills to match!



  • Tamara

    How did you create your inserts? I need to make inserts for a personal size Filo.

    • Hi Tamara, I made them in Microsoft Word. You set the page size to 95x171mm and adjust the margins and away you go! Using a table seems to be the easiest way to make any design.

  • Tamara

    Hi there! Thanks for your reply. Would you mind sharing your Microsoft Word document with me? You can reach me at nailsnightout at gmail dot com.

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  • I can’t find a post on the internet that explains how to create the tables. Could you help with this please?

    • Charlotte

      All I do is create tables in Microsoft Word! I think it’s probably the easiest way to make them. :)

  • Ama

    Thanks for the tips! I love your layout, it’s simple and pretty and spacious. I also like your idea of color-coding the months. Also, we have the same birthday!

    • Charlotte

      Thanks Ama! I love colour coding, couldn’t cope without it haha! Yay for matching birthdays :D

  • jem518

    are you creating your own printables for a usa size filofax whic is 6.7 x 3.7

  • Mary Elizabeth Wise-Kemmerer

    great job…