Initially, I was upset about the fact that my boyfriend was away for our 4 year anniversary. I thought it was very mean of him to go skiing Switzerland. But when he told me he was bringing me back some pink chocolate, I decided to reconsidered my anger towards him for not taking me with him. Pink chocolate sounded like a life-changing food!

Not only did he bring me back pink chocolate, he brought back an entire bag filled with the best chocolate I have ever had. I genuinely believe that this is the best chocolate in the world and all of Switzerland. I’m positive I can make such a statement as I’m somewhat of a chocolate connoisseur; I can easily tell the difference between British and Australian Cadbury’s (I prefer British), I can taste the difference between different sized Lindt bunnies, and I’m pretty sure I’m the founder of the concept of breakfast chocolate.

Breakfast chocolate is this brilliantly unhealthy idea I used to live by (not until all that recently), where you have a couple of squares of chocolate after you’ve finished your morning bowl of cornflakes. The Swiss clearly caught wind of my idea, which is why my boyfriend brought me back some cornflake chocolate! Two in one (obviously for when you’re having breakfast on the go)!

The magical stack of chocolate he bought me included coffee, white, milk, cornflakes, 70% cocoa, raspberry and blackberry, and honey. All made in Switzerland by Läderach.

The pink chocolate is absolutely incredible, it tasted just like I think pink should taste like! Now I sincerely hope that he leaves me to go skiing again as I don’t think I can cope without pink chocolate.

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Laderach Swiss Chocolate Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Laderach Swiss ChocolateConfetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Laderach Swiss Chocolate


  • :| Oh my god. THESE LOOK AMAZING.

    • Charlotte

      Words don’t even begin to describe the amazingness!

  • JD

    I concur. These are the best chocolate I have ever tasted. Truly a culinary experience.