Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Glam Eyes by Manicare False LashesAs someone with a lack of eyelashes, I have always had an appreciation for what a pair of great falsies can do. Not only is applying them a difficult skill that can be painful and frustrating to obtain, but also choosing the right pair can be a challenge all in itself! Here is the low down on a bunch of lashes by Glam by Manicare!

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Glam Eyes by Manicare False Lashes

I’ve always had few pairs of eyelashes on hand – thick and long for the stage, and fun and intricate for parties. At least 90% of my falsies collection at any one time have been by Manicare as they are easily available and are very long lasting!

I was lucky enough to receive seven different pairs from Glam by Manicare (I love how they have celebrity names) and here are my thoughts on each!

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Glam Eyes by Manicare False Lashes

MIRANDA: I really like these! I think they’re my favourite as they look really natural and give me what my real eye lashes can’t. They’re very soft and easy to apply. There’s not much difference in length from the inner corner to the outer which makes them look more natural.

SELENA: These are the most extravagant and as such are the most difficult to apply (also the heaviest). They have an additional glittery cat eye strip attached to the base of the lashes and are very full in the outer corner. Not only do you have to line them up with your natural lash line, but you also have to balance the flick to be even on both sides! Glam by Manicare does suggest that if you need to trim your lashes, to trim them from the outer edge, but for these you’d have to trim them from the inner corner.

MILA: This is an interesting pair as they’re cut bluntly on the outer corner, and then staggered on the inner. I found these to be a bit too long for me so I had to cut a small chunk off. These give a full lash effect with semi-drama (think drama princess rather than drama queen).

BAMBI: I was surprised at how much I liked these! I thought these would be more fun than natural but I think there’s a good balance here. They’re very light and thin so the staggered effect and angled lashes make your eyes look very sweet and delicate.

NICKI: These are more full on than they look. The angled lashes really change the look of your eye shape as, not only are you adding a lot of density, but you’re also sweeping your lashes outwards! I think these must be the most difficult to pull off.

JESSICA: I’ve used these eye lashes a lot before for many performances and costume parties. They’re very even and add a lot of thickness but I did have to trim them as they were a little long. They are my go to lashes for when I need a lot of drama!

TAYLOR: My second favourite pair and very wearable! These are light and are even but still make a big difference! These are my number one recommendation for all occasions as they’re light enough to be subtle but thick enough have an impact. You want to keep a pair of these in your stash at all times!

All eyelashes are reusable and come with a tiny pot of eye lash glue which is very effective. Both Jessica and Taylor come in packs of two which also includes an applicator. It’s very big and black so I found it really difficult to use as I couldn’t see my eye to see what I was doing.

When I applied all these eyelashes I only used some mascara to stick my real lashes to my false ones. However, using eyeliner is great for making your falsies blend seamlessly into your makeup!

These are only seven of the false lashes by Glam by Manicare. I tried to work out how many other styles there are but I lost count! They also make accent lashes, long strips of lashes, individual lashes, and all kinds of bits and pieces! You can buy them at chemists but Priceline seems to carry the full collection.