I have been waiting for the longest time for these Lottie London brushes to hit Australia! Lottie use to be my nickname way back, and this name makes a lot of sense as the brand was founded by Charlotte Knight who created my favourite nail polish brand ever, Ciate!

Interestingly, Lottie London has a HUGE range of nail polish in the UK, but that hasn’t made its way to us yet. Hopefully they are on the way because if they’re anything like Ciate polishes I’m sure they’re amazing! But at the moment, the range of makeup and nail accessories are available at Target and on the Lottie London website.

But without further rambling let’s talk about the brushes. Look how cute they are! I freaking love the shape of the handles and how the bristle colour matches!

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Lottie London Brushes

I picked up three things and, at the time, they were 25% off at Target so they were an absolute bargain!

Best of the Brushes Collection ($49). This set includes a powder brush (blue), a wide foundation brush (green), a flat eyeshadow shader brush (red), a crease brush (yellow), and an angled liner brush (pink). If you were to buy all five separately you’d be spending $72, so this set is a great deal especially if you can get it on sale.

The Powder Power Brush ($18) is super soft and because it’s not dense, it’s great for dusting powder on to set your foundation, or for dusting off excess powder when baking.

I’ve been spoilt by using a Beauty Blender to apply foundation so I’ve had to practice using a brush again as I have no idea what I’m doing! The Flawless Face Brush ($18) is so wide so it makes it really easy to apply foundation fast. Still practicing with this one though and I’ll let you know how my sponge-reliance goes!

The All Eyes on You Eyeshadow Brush ($12) is one of my favourites as I don’t have a shader brush like this in my 100-brush strong collection (how is that possible, I don’t even know). This is because of how big it is – it’s genius! Especially if you have large eyes like me, this covers so much eye area so fast. I use this a lot to apply my base colour or even for eyeshadow primers.

The Blend In Brush ($12) is probably my least favourite as it’s a very stiff crease brush and I prefer soft and fluffy ones. However, I find this one useful for blending out stubborn areas, or for when I want to blend a small area and not brush it everywhere.

The Shade and Shadow Brush ($12) is a nice angled eyeliner brush that works really well for when you want to use eyeshadow as a liner (wet or dry).

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Lottie London Brushes

Conceal It Brush ($12). This one is my favourite brush and I’m so glad I picked it up separately. It’s a really nice chubby brush with reasonably dense bristles that make it really easy to pack on a lot of product. I literally use three different concealers daily and I use this to apply them before blending them in with a sponge. It’s just the perfect size and shape to work with concealer.

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Lottie London Brushes

Soap Star ($16). I had only planned to pick up the brushes but I grabbed this as soon as I saw it! It’s a solid brush cleanser and, since I absolutely adore the Beauty Blender Blendercleanser Solid (about $23), I wanted to see how it compared. It’s a lot cheaper and easier to find than the Blendercleanser, and as far as I can tell it does the same job! The only thing I’ve noticed is that Soap Star does recommend that you only use it with synthetic brushes but I’ve been using it with everything no problem.

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Lottie London BrushesConfetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Lottie London Brushes

There really aren’t a big selection of drugstore affordable brushes and I think these certainly give Real Techniques a run for their money. Real Techniques are much more expensive (and, tbh, I don’t think they’re drugstore prices) and this is definitely reflected in the quality, but Lottie London brushes are fantastic for the price!

I think if you’re looking to pad out your makeup brush collection without spending your life savings, these are fantastic. There are so many other brushes in the range, and they also have cute mirrors, lip balm, and nail files.

The concealer brush has become one of my can’t-live-without brushes and I cannot believe it’s only $12! I’m so tempted to buy a whole handful of them I like them so much.

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Lottie London Brushes Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Lottie London Brushes