Bunnies in Blazers: Lancome Michelle Phan Charlotte HartwellIt’s been nearly two weeks since Michelle Phan’s Masterclass at Myer, Melbourne and the buzz is just about wearing off now.

Years ago I remember watching Michelle’s Barbie makeup tutorial at least five times in a row. Next thing I know, years later, I’ve rediscovered her completely accidentally AND she’s coming to Melbourne!!! I had no idea how famous she became in such a few short years!

I dragged SLB, my makeup loving friend, along with me on Friday 3 August to what turned out to be a great night!

Bunnies in Blazers: Lancome Michelle Phan Masterclass Program, Glamour Eyes Makeup, Free GiftSLB and I came home with a lot more stuff than we were expecting, but a lot of it was free!

We sat down with about 400 other girls in Myer Mural Hall with our program full of Michelle’s tips and Lancome products, copy of Myer’s Emporium magazine, and a free pen (yay stationery!)! Michelle came on stage and talked about what she knows best (makeup!) whilst a team of makeup artists made-up some models with different looks.

I learnt two very very important things: 1. Always use brushes to apply makeup, and, 2. When those brushes get dirty, clean them in with dishwashing detergent and olive oil!

Bunnies in Blazers: Michelle Phan Myer Masterclass

After her masterclass we had the opportunity to test out some products and talk to the Lancome experts – so many lipsticks to try out!

$50 for a ticket to see one of the most popular YouTubers in action really seemed like a bargain, but to top that, that money was redeemable in Lancome products! SLB and I did some serious research and finally decided that the best thing to buy was Michelle’s Glamour Eyes box and a Rouge in Love lipstick.

Bunnies in Blazers: Lancome Michelle Phan Masterclass Makeup Glamour Eyes Corail in Love

This box is amazing! It came with a full size eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, and a sample mascara.

Bunnies in Blazers: Colour Design Glamour Eyes Michelle Phan Eyeshadow

Looking at these eyeshadows you wouldn’t think that shimmery purple, bronze, and silver colours would look great together on everyone but they look so natural once applied. The eyeshadow comes with a little set of instructions for how to apply all the colours for a daytime and nighttime look which is fantastic! I really like the guide and have been using it regularly with my other eyeshadows.

Bunnies in Blazers: Lancome Artliner Eyeliner and Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara

I had an Artliner once before and completely ran it dry so I was thrilled to get a new one! It’s the best liquid eyeliner in the world, hands down. Actually it’s probably the best eyeliner ever, full stop. I usually use eyeshadow as eyeliner but since I bought this I’ve been having dramatic eyes much more often.

I’m so in love with the Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara because it smells so good. Mascara never smells nice but this smells like roses!

Bunnies in Blazers: Michelle Phan Masterclass Lancome Lipstick Rouge in Love

SLB and I found it a little strange that there weren’t any freebies being handed out as this would be the perfect opportunity to convince excited girls to buy Lancome. However, they were hiding them till the very end and gave us a goodie bag on our way out!

Bunnies in Blazers: Lancome Gift

These are all the lovely things we got in our cute black makeup bags: moisturises, eye makeup remover, an eyeliner pencil, mascara, shampoo, and a kissable lipstick sample. So far I’ve only used the eye makeup remover – it’s strong enough to get off tough makeup but leaves your eyes feeling super soft.

Bunnies in Blazers: 322M Corail in Love Lancome Rouge in Love

I spent so long choosing a lipstick and finally decided on 322M Corail in Love from the Rouge in Love collection. It’s a beautiful, slightly sheer, coral pink. I’ve been using it almost daily this week. I thought it wouldn’t look right with some of the colours in the clothes I’ve been wearing but to be honest it looks great with everything.

Bunnies in Blazers: Charlotte Hartwell Michelle Phan Myer MasterclassI’ve spent way too much time on Michelle’s website and watching her videos. She’s even made mini movies! You should definitely check out everything there’s so much she can teach you :)


  • nereidad1983

    I would luv to go to an event like this do you know when is the next even and where u got some amaizin stuff

    • Sadly I think Melbourne was her last stop before heading home but I’m sure she’ll visiting her fans again soon! All the makeup came from Myer but most department stores stock it and there are plenty of places online you can get it :)

  • Jennie Hartwell

    You look fantastic!!!