Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: RenovationsOver the next few months I’ll be posting a series of small DIY renovations! It all started whilst looking at my wardrobe thinking about how the small space could be reconfigured to hold a lot more stuff (including 66cm more hanging space to be precise)! One thing led to another and after thinking about where one thing would go after moving something else in it’s place, I practically redesigned half the house!

I’ve started with a small DIY: changing knobs. I’ve never been a fan of the industrial black worn-looking knobs that came with my Ikea bedroom furniture so I replaced them with much smaller shiny gold knobs! It’s amazing what a difference it has made as it’s changed the whole dynamic of the furniture.

Even though this was a small and inexpensive change, it’s had a really big impact! You don’t need to replace all your furniture to refresh your room, only the knobs!