Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Inglot Freedom PaletteI was browsing through Inglot the other day admiring all the makeup that I didn’t need. I’ve always wanted to try the Inglot Freedom System but I couldn’t justify starting an addictive collection when I already have so many eyeshadows! Then I noticed this tiny sad little eyeshadow sitting in a box on the counter marked ‘50% off’. Obviously I had to do the right thing and rescue him! So I bought him and a new home to share with 9 friends. I had to buy something to put him in so I figured one with growing room would be a good idea (just trying to justify the fact that now I have to buy more eyeshadows)!

He’s much happier now in his new environment but he’s still so lonely. I’ve been obsessively stalking swatches on the internet trying to find him some housemates and I have quite a few candidates! He won’t be on his own for too much longer now…

Inglot Freedom System Palette 10 Eye Shadow Square
Inglot Rainbow Eye Shadow 113R