My makeup collection is at the point of overflowing but I can’t stand the idea of just getting rid of things just to make space! I had a really good makeup purge earlier this year which led to my 2017 project pan, but throwing out things I like just seems wasteful.


I’ve been obsessed with the idea of depotting shadows and palettes to cut down on bulky containers, but hadn’t thought about doing that to lipsticks and cream products! I came across Vueset through one of my endless Instagram scrolling sessions and ordered everything I needed to organise my makeup even more.

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Vueset Palettes

Vueset make these brilliant clear acrylic containers and are so compact and heavy duty. I ordered one Viking Jack palette – which has 12 large wells – for my cream eyeshadows. And three Tahiti palettes – which have 24 smaller wells – for my lipsticks. They’re compared a lot to MAC Pro palettes, and in every review I’ve read, Vueset comes out on top because of how small, light, and microwave safe it is!

I also picked the most amazing spatula I’ve ever seen. The Z-Palette Depotting Spatula is literally rainbow! I rest my case. I used it to scrape off chunks of lipstick from each bullet, and smoosh them into each well. Depending on the brand, a whole lipstick will fit! That means, if you’re a makeup artist or lipstick aficionado, you can literally carry 24 whole lipsticks around with you!

I mentioned that the containers are microwave safe which is really handy for people who want to melt down their lipsticks. I preferred the messier method of mushing the product around with the spatula, as apparently heat can change the consistency of some lipsticks (particularly shimmer and matte).

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Vueset Palettes

Lemme take you through all the palettes. The first one (above) is purely dedicated to my Maybelline collection. It’s probably my favourite because I have the full ranges of a couple of lines so they all look amazing together!

Row 1: 015, 075, 117, 137, 148, 407, 655, 660
Row 2: 665, 670, 680, 685, 690, 695, 700, 705
Row 3: 710, 715, 720, 725, 730, 735, 740, 745

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Vueset Palettes

The next palette I put together included the rest of the lipsticks I wanted to depot, from many brands (and even more Maybelline). I’ve tried to group them by colour, and I have a few spaces left for more lipsticks if I need.

Row 1: Maybelline 55, Maybelline 107, Estee Lauder F6, Calvin Klein Flutter, Maybelline 207, NYX Doll
Row 2: NYC 447, Maybelline 900, Stila Glinda, Maybelline 157, NYX BLS06, Maybelline MAT1
Row 3: Maybelline 906, NYX MLS17, Hello Kitty Pink Floyd, NYX Shiva, Bourjois 22, Maybelline 530, Maybelline 45, NYX WIL07

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Vueset Palettes

I’m so stoked with my cream eyeshadow palette! The glass containers than cream shadows come in are such a pain as they’re so bulky and heavy. This makes life so much easier, especially since I can see what I’ve got! I had two Maybelline shadows in Barely Branded, and I was able to fit BOTH into the same well! MAC on the other hand are much larger, so Delft filled up the whole thing.

Row 1 (all Maybelline Color Tattoos): Too Cool, Barely Branded, On and On Bronze, Chocolate Suede
Row 2 (all Maybelline Color Tattoos): Pink Gold, Creamy Beige, Tough as Taupe, Vintage Plum
Row 3: Maybelline Dramatic Black, MAC Delft

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Vueset Palettes

This last palette I would seriously recommended anyone do, even if you don’t want to hack up your lipsticks. I have a Tahiti palette dedicated to lipstick samples. I’m sure everyone has had that experience where you get those little blister packs of lipsticks which you open once, and the next day it’s totally dried out and unusable. It’s a shame because they actually give you so much product!

I got a fantastic 8-sample pack from Urban Decay which feels right at home in the palette. I also had some Chanel samples which I’d been avoiding opening because I didn’t know what to do with it once I opened it! They’re all so usable now.

Row 1 (Urban Decay): Backtalk, Big Bang, Firebird, 714, Rock Steady, Pandemonium, Disturbed, Conspiracy
Row 2 (Chanel): Romy, Boheme, Histoire, Message

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Vueset Palettes

It’s super important to keep track of what shade is what (especially as you start depotting). You could easily use a spreadsheet, notebook, or photos. But for me, any excuse to rip out my label maker! I even picked up some clear tape so you can still easily see the colour underneath.

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Vueset Palettes

So how’s it working out? I absolutely love it. The most important thing for me for doing this, is being able to see what I have. Whilst lipstick containers can be pretty, most don’t let you easily see what colour is beneath. So unless you have memorised the names and shades, it’s not easy to find things. I’m using these lipsticks and eyeshadows so much more now that I have them palette-ised. PLUS, I’ve even been able to play around with mixing my own shades!

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Vueset Palettes

I literally cut down half of my lipstick drawer. I’ve kept my favourite lipsticks in their tubes and these are the ones that I’ll pop in handbags to take out with me. But for everything else, I have these super handy little custom palettes!

Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Vueset Palettes

If you’d like some more info on any particular shades and their names, leave me a comment below! 😊