Confetti Avenue by Charlotte Hartwell: Watercolour Nails Jamberry

If you’re like me, nail wraps are something that you’ve tried a couple of times and hated them cause their either look wrong once you’ve eventually got them on or they start peeling off straight away. I had the chance to try out some wraps from Jamberry and they’re totally different.

Instead of just peeling stickers off a sheet and sticking them onto your nails, Jamberry wraps require heat to activate the glue (I just used my hairdryer). This makes them stick really well. I normally change up my nail polish once a week but I kept these on for two. Apparently they can last around a month but I found that after a couple of weeks some of the corners started to pop up but I’d probably put this down to my continuous crafting.

These have a really good shape to them too. Nails are always going to be slightly different shapes but I only had to trim a couple of the wraps to fit, the rest followed the shape of my cuticle nicely.

I’m pretty impressed with these nail wraps considering how easy they were to apply and how durable they are. I’m definitely still a fan of the polish-in-bottle method but I think these are a great way to have intricate designs on your nail without being a nail artist! I love the floral watercolour design of these of these (they matched my bomber jacket so well)!

Faded Bouquet Jamberry Nail Wraps