Christmas jumpers!

Hello, I’m finally back! Apologies for the extreme lack of blogging, I’ve been completely snowed under with exams and other equally fun things. Now I’m back in action and hope to get back to blogging daily.

Christmas is my absolute favourite holiday (even better than my birthday) so expect to see a lot of Christmasy stuff happening here – which leads me to today’s post!

I’d love to live somewhere like America where Christmas is during Winter. Wearing shorts and a T-shirt and having wrapping paper flying around in the air conditioning isn’t quite my idea of a magical Christmas. I adore the idea of being snug in a very festive jumper sitting under the Christmas tree watching it snow outside. The closest I get to that is wearing a Christmas T-shirt, pulling my puppy out from under the tree after he’s dived in there when we come in from a walk, and watching dirt fly past the window when he’s digging. However, in the grand scheme of Christmas things the season really is a minor detail because it’s the holiday season after all (plus I’ve bought 500 cotton balls to make my own snow!).

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What are you wearing on Christmas day? I haven’t planned an outfit yet but if for some magical reason it snowed, I’d love to wear jumper number 2!


  • You would love NYC during Christmas. I’m home from Germany for a week. I’ll have to keep an eye out for a few aggressive Christmas sweaters. :)

    • Haha, there’s a fine line between attractively festive and hands down ugly when it comes Christmas attire! :P